The Story Of Aravind On Software

I started this website, In 2010 when I was working for CoStrategix as a Senior Software Analyst. I had one horrible habit of writing journals on what happened on my professional life on daily basis, sometimes I was so crazy that I minute word by word, phrase by phrase on some interesting conversations and arguments and self reflect on them. Anything which I came across as a gap in my understanding I usually do detail research on filling that gap irrespective of the domain and context. Post doing a research I use to add the notes to the same journal to track things. The posts published in "Aravind On Software" are the same notes which were part of my journal . I have polished them a bit to make sure, who ever who reads them can make best use of it.

The name "Aravind On Software" was inspired by "Joel On Software" by Mr Joel Spolsky, whom I consider as the most thoughtful writers on software development, I would strongly recommend to read his books to get enlightened.